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China has a dominating voice in PCB industry , a Huawei supplier declared

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Author : Peter
Update time : 2020-11-26 11:27:08
Although Chinese integrated circuit (IC) industry is under international pressure , IC industry has become a new industrial tuyere from Q2, 2020 . Domestic substitution in chip industry is also booming.  
The enthusiasm of China domestic investment in IC industry has been rising since the State Council issued "Some Policies to Promote the High Quality Development of IC Industry and Software Industry in the New Period" this year. Improving the innovation ability and development quality of the upstream and downstream of the integrated circuit industry chain and guiding the healthy development of the industry has become the consensus of the integrated circuit.
But What’s the situation of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry in China ? The conclusion is that as the carrier of IC, PCB is also ushered in a huge policy dividend.
In 2019, China's integrated circuit sales revenue of 756.2 billion CNY , an increase of 15.8 percent, has become one of the fastest growing areas in the world. Development of information industry provides PCB industry broad foundation. The scale of Chinese mainland’s PCB industry has become monopoly tendency. Losing supporting industrial chain advantages and raw materials advantages made foreign enterprises unwilling to develop in PCB industry more and more.
It’s a quantum leap that PCB raw materials has completed domestic substitution in China. PCB raw materials are in hands of Chinese people at present. China government began to predict the domestic substitution of PCB materials since 2017. After three years of development, PCB industry materials have basically achieved localization.
The domestic substitution of PCB production materials in China has been come true smoothly , which is due to two reasons , the policy orientation of the country and the driving of commercial interests accelerates the domestic iteration.
“ PCB raw materials completing domestic substitution gives China a dominating voice in PCB industry ”
Aoshikang Technology Company, a ranking company in PCB industry, emphasized.