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Embrace Complexity, Huasheng Participated in TEDxGuangzhou 2020

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Update time : 2020-11-23 12:25:34
TEDxGuangzhou 2020 was held at the Garden hotel Guangzhou China on the 15Th November. Daphne, a young sunny open-minded Huashenger, attended the meeting and sent the report.

China's Tedxgz is one of the large-scale live speech exchange activities in Dawan area during this year's epidemic. During the past decade, Tedx events have been held in more than 170 countries. From slums to schools, prisons to theatres, Mount Everest to the Sydney Opera House , these Tedx activities have brought innovation to individuals and their communities.
Tedx in China, started in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou at first. In 2010, it spreaded in the major colleges and universities. Now there are many Tedx communities at various urban levels.

TEDxGuangZhou has been held six times before. Despite the epidemic's limitations this year, over 600 audiences attented and expressed full of harvest.
The theme of TEDxGuangZhou 2020 is “embrace complexity” . Fifteen speakers and other performers from different backgrounds brought content on climate, education, fitness, public relations policy and magic. A jazz band , which is composed of special groups (autism and audio-visual disorders) , performances music and poetry singing. In addition to the speech, there are 12 rich and interesting experience activities for the audiences to choose from, so that the audiences discuss and exchange differencet topic, e.g. urban culture, gender equality, music creation, environmental protection, public welfare and  personal complexity.

To my surprise, the whole meeting of Chinese people are in order. Everyone entered wearing masks, after leaving the scene without a piece of garbage. The organizers also demonstrated their environmental concept. One of the goal of the Ted event is zero exhaust gas and livable Guangzhou (ecocanton). For example, special water dispensers substitute for disposable paper cups and disposable dishes. People are also advised to use the venue of the commemorative water cup and orderly dining in the hotel. Such as the use of freeze-dried coffee, the site refused to use disposable KT board, instead of lamp cloth, lamp cloth will then be made into a unique satchel jewelry for secondary use.

In brief , China also has excellent Ted exchange activities, which have more and more influence and attention in China.