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Price of PCB rose 50 percent in six months in China

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Author : Peter
Update time : 2020-12-10 11:21:53
All the raw materials of copper clad laminate have risen in price in recent months, for instance raw copper, glass cloth, epoxy resin and so on , which promoted the continuous increase of PCB price.
On November 30, Guanfdong Kingboard Laminates Co, a PCB large factory in China, issued a price increase notice, announcing the adjustment of the PCB sales price of all materials. Specifically, some products increased by between 5 CNY and 10 CNY per piece board,  PP (150 meters) by 200 CNY per volume. This is the third price adjustment letter issued in November, and the fifth price adjustment letter in the year.


Kingboard said the rise in raw material prices is the main reason for the continuous price adjustment of copper clad laminate during the year. The main raw materials of copper clad laminate are original copper, glass cloth and epoxy resin.

Recently, Shanghai Futures Exchange's main copper contract opened the K line of five consecutive gains, refreshing the highest level in more than seven years. According to business agency data, East China liquid epoxy resin (E-5L) production price rose 65.58% in the past three months, quoted 29750 CNY per ton, which constantly refreshed the high of ten years.
Another notice of PCB price rising also spreads online. It shows that " The prices of various raw materials rise sharply recently. In particular, the increase in sheet metal is particularly large, and rise over 50% four times from July to November . As a result , we are under pressure of production cost... I am writing that from November 16, 2020 the PCB producted for your company increase 30 CNY per square meters."


According to the Industrial and Commercial Times, the current PCB board factory orders are also very tight. Jianding, Hanyu Bo, Huatong and other Taiwan Company plans to maintain the factory during the Spring Festival.