Overall Sectional SMT Line Machine , Hot Air Reflow Oven Multi Lubricating Mode, KTR-1000

Item No.: KTR-1000
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Description FAQ
  • High production capacity, the normal production chain speed up to 160cm / min; low energy consumption, the new thermal management system, effectively reduce costs; professional response to high-speed production and high precision PCB packaging process.
  • Temperature control ability, high temperature control accuracy, set and the actual temperature difference of 1.0 ℃; no load to full load temperature fluctuations within 1.5 ℃; super fast capacity to cool down, adjacent temperature difference within 100 ℃.
  • The latest insulation technology plus the new furnace design to ensure that the greenhouse +5 ℃ furnace temperature.
  • Full nitrogen quantitative control, the temperature of the independent closed-loop control, nitrogen concentration range can be 5-200ppm.
  • The latest cooling technology, optional multi-zone double-sided cooling; maximum limited cooling length 1400mm; to ensure rapid cooling products and the lowest outlet temperature.
  • The new two-stage flux recovery system, multi-point collection, and fully improve the efficiency of recovery for customers to reduce maintenance time and frequency.
  • Dual-track two-speed, stand-alone costs, double capacity, energy saving up to 65%.
Model Specification :
Model KTR-1000
Machine parameter
Dimension(L × W × H) 6300*1430*1530
Color Computer grey
Weight Approx 3020 kg
Number of heating zone Top 10/Bottom 10
Length of heating zone 3892mm
Number of cooling zone Top 3/Bottom 3
Rectifying plate structure Small circulation
Exhaust volume requiement 11m³/min*2(Exhausts)
Control system
Power supply requiement 3 phase ,380v 50/60HZ(Option:3 phase ,220v 50/60HZ
Total power 80KW
Startup power 36KW
Normal power consumption 10KW
Warming Time Approx:20min
Temperature control range Room Temperature -300℃
Temperature control method PID close loop control + SSR driving
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Temperature deviation on PCB ±1.5℃(by RM board test standard)
Data storage Process data and status storage
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temperature(extra-high/extra low temperature after constant temperature)
Board dropped alarm Singal light(yellow-warning;green normal;red -Abnormal
Conveyor system
Rails structure Overall sectional type
Chain structure Double buckle for preventing board jammed
Max width of PCB 400mm(option:460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Range of rail width 50-400mm(option:50-460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Component height Top 30/Bottom 30mm
Conveyor direction L→R(option:R→L)
Conveyor rail fixed type Front rail fixed(option: Rear rail fixed)
PCB conveyor direction Air-reflow=chain+mesh(N2-reflow=chain option:mesh)
Conveyor height 900±20mm
Conveyor speed 300-2000mm/min
Auto-lubrication Multi-lubricating mode can be chosen
Cooling system
Cooling method Firced air Water chiller
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